Corona Virus Disease and Duties of Citizens

Corona Virus is a large category of bacteria responsible for causing illness in animals and humans. Many people name Corona virus as COVID-19 which is not exactly an abbreviation. As detailed by the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 is a recent disease caused by the Corona virus and it started from China in December 2019. By the end of 1st week of April 2020, it or pandemic had a spread over more than 200 countries across the globe. Infected humans get cold, cough, temperature, nasal over-crowding, runny nose, aches and pains while some other initially don’t show these symptoms which helps it to spread even in a greater speed. As there is no medication available for COVID-19, Social Distance is the only preventive measure available to stop the spreading of this disease. All the country and state governments are focusing on how to maintain social distancing and contact. Now, in some countries, it has been observed that many people follow the regulations set by the federal government. and some of them don’t. This article is for any citizens who really love their family and country testen op corona.

Social distancing:

As mentioned the WHO, there is no vaccine and medicine available for it. So, infected humans can be given treatment and supportive care for symptoms. Possible vaccine and drugs are now under testing (by 1st week of April 2020). Now the question is how to stop infection? It is very clear that maintaining distance and contact is the only way.

Duties and responsibilities of person during Corona Virus pandemic:

As it is clear that social distancing is the only option, all the governments are focusing on lock downs and shut down downs to reduce community infection and contact. People should not come outside of their house for certain period of time to avoid contact and infection. Being civilized, all the citizens should understand the emergency situation and may be alert. Here we have some of the important responsibilities to be followed.

Don’t spread rumours regarding the spread like, statistics, drugs, patient, etc.
Avoid incorrect use of social media for spreading unnecessary panic
Don’t purchase food and other gourmet items in bulk. Leave some for others too.
Don’t buy sanitizers and other hand wash liquids in bulk. Buy the right amount required for your family.
Follow advisories issued by federal government.
Wear mask if you have symptoms and stay in isolation to avoid contact.
Don’t travel during lock down or close.
Avoid gathering and meetings. Start working from home.
If you have sailed from abroad or from another state, keep yourself in isolation.
If you are going outside for essential needs, wear mask and observe after a distance of 1 meter (3 feet) form people.

Apart from these duties, you have to understand that lock down or shout down will not help administration gain anything. It simply to keep citizens away from such a disease which has no medicine. So, it is advisable to obey rules and stay at home.

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