Stephen Varanko III Talks About The Advantages Of Hiring Veterans

More than 200,000 service members transition out of the armed services almost every year. Many of these individuals tend to search for military-friendly companies where they can put their hard-earned skills to good use. Stephen Varanko III underlines that a good number of veterans are educated, disciplined, professional, and detail-oriented, and hence have much to offer to the civilian workforce. Stephen himself specializes in connecting top military veterans with premier employers across the country. He is currently working at Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), which is the largest military-focused recruiting firm in the United States.

Many employers often face problems in finding hard-working, motivated, and ethical workers for their company, who can help their business to effectively grow and prosper. Choosing to hire military veterans would be among the viable solutions for this issue. Stephen Varanko III says that veterans are disciplined team players who can add more value to any business and help boost its productivity.  Many of them additionally have distinguished qualifications or talents that make them a perfect candidate for particular job roles.

There are several reasons that make it a good idea for a company to hire veterans.  Here are some of them:

  • Accelerated learning curve:  Veterans tend to have the capacity to learn new skills and concepts in quite a swift manner. They, moreover, can enter the workforce with a wide range of identifiable and transferable skills that have already been proved in real-world situations. This robust background of the veterans can significantly contribute to enhancing the productivity of a company.
  • Leadership: The military trains people to lead by example, and also through delegation, direction, inspiration and motivation. Hence, veterans have the capacity to understand the practical ways and methods used to manage the behaviors of diverse individuals to get the needed results in the most trying circumstances.  Veterans also have a good understanding of the dynamics of leadership as part of both hierarchical and peer structures.
  • Teamwork: Military duties often include a blend of individual and group activities, which are carried out with the aim of accomplishing a particular goal. Due to their previous experiences, veterans fully understand the importance of teamwork and the means to facilitate it.
  • Diversity and inclusion in action:  Veterans today have learned to work side by side with a variety of individuals, regardless of their ethnic background, religion, race, gender, geographic origin and economic status. They have the sensitivity needed to cooperate with people belonging to all walks of life.
  • Efficient performance under pressure: Veterans have the capacity needed to understand the rigors of tight schedules and limited resources, and know how to accomplish priorities on time, in spite of high stress.  These individuals put their full focus on the task in hand until it is competently completed.

Stephen Varanko III additionally points out that veterans know the value of accountability, and can competently grasp their place within an organizational framework.

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