Things To Avoid After Lasik Eye Surgery


Many people have doubts about what they can and can’t do after their Lasik surgery. You can resume some of your activities right away while others should be put off for a few weeks. Lasik is a permanent solution to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. You can visit us for Lasik surgery in Delhi {} and get a thorough examination to test if Lasik is suitable for you or not. After Lasik, you can expect freedom from glasses and contacts, clearer and flawless eyesight. But you need to take proper precautions to avoid any damage to your eyes while they are healing.

You can achieve 20/25 or even better vision at feasible Lasik surgery costs in India {visual aids centre}. The only thing you need to worry about is you do not harm your eyes by any means. After Lasik, people have the urge to rub their eyes but it is important to avoid it. Rubbing your eyes even slightly can damage your flap and delay the healing process. The doctor will let you know all about recovery instructions and necessary precautions.

Here are some common but temporary side effects that patients suffer post Lasik:

  1. Dry eyes, itching, and inflammation.
  2. Hazy or blurry vision for a few days.
  3. Sensitive to bright light.
  4. Noticing glares, starbursts, and halos around light.
  5. Difficulty with night vision.

You can expect the above symptoms but they will go away with the passage of time. But if you experience severe pain then you should contact your doctor immediately.

Precautions For Faster Recovery After Lasik

  1. You can take shower and wash your face after 24 hours. But make sure you avoid soap or face wash for a few days. Any chemical from the soap can enter your eyes and cause trouble.
  2. Doctors generally suggest wearing sunglasses and eye-protective shields to guard your eyes against UV rays and bright light.
  3. Take a proper nap because rest is very important to heal your eyes quickly.
  4. Many people return to work the next day after surgery. But it is highly recommended to take rest for 3-5 days before returning to work. Especially if your job requires work on computer screens then take leave for 3 days before resuming your job.
  5. Do not rub your eyes at any cost. Use lubricating eye drops from time to time but avoid touching your eyes.
  6. Doctors ask to avoid any type of eye makeup for a few days after Lasik. You can apply lotion, cream, and makeup after two weeks.
  7. You should not wear a contact lens if you experience blurry vision post Lasik. The cornea needs time to heal so do not put contact lenses as it may damage your eyes.
  8. You should not go swimming or in the hot tub for a month or two after Lasik surgery to avoid any kind of infection.
  9. Blink more often to minimize the problem of dry eyes.
  10. Do not drive for a few weeks, specifically at night.


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